Racking and Stacking of all network devices
and decommissioning of unwanted ones

We physically install all network equipment in datacenters and server rooms. Do you want to get rid of the old network equipment in your racks and replace them with the new ones? The Jix Team is readily available to help you with that and dispose the devices safely if needed.

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We specialize in structured cabling services that include but are not limited to cable management, patching, and laying of all network cables within datacenters and server rooms.

Remote Access

Have you lost access to your network devices? We assist by giving your team remote access to your network devices in the datacenter for quick configuration changes as needed.

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Workplace of a computer specialist. Engineer is planning and building up a computer network.
Device Configuration

Whether you want basic configurations to be able to reach your devices or complete configurations for your network devices, we are there to make sure that all configurations as provided are in place and according to the best practice standards.

Local Procurement of Network Accessories

To help speed up the deployment of your devices, we help our customers by local procurement of various network accessories on behalf of our clients.

Network Audit

We offer L2 and L3 network audit and provide you with network diagrams on how devices are connected in your network. We also provide physical device audit in datacenters and server rooms.

WiFi Survey and Access Points Installations

We specialize in WiFi Survey and AP installation.

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